A hassle-free IDS-based solution enabling robust quality check on the LOIN and consistency of openBIM data across all stakeholders from design, construction, handover to facility management

Key Values

Localized Solution

Customized for Hong Kong market, including BIM requirements of CIC, Public Works Departments, and potentially for Buildings Department approval process for private sectors

Easy To Use​

Intuitive interface reduces barriers to entry and increases accessibility, with a minimum learning curve

Cost Effective​​

Provides a low-cost alternative to traditional software solutions

Potential For Expansion

Open-source solution that can be integrated with other codes for unlimited potential

Facilitates Collaboration

Promotes more efficient workflows and facilitates data communication, making it easier to comply with QA requirements and providing a soft landing on the QA process

IDS-based Checking Tools​​

Ensures consistency and accuracy across the entire project with IDS-based solution

LOIN Validation

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